International Tax Law

Business goes global – taxes don’t stay local.

Kanzlei Mesch Knauf Höbel has already been acting on that premise for many years and has focused on International Tax Law due to extraordinary diverse experiences resulting from the work for our clients.

In the year 2010 this expertise was officially acknowledged by the rather seldom title „Fachberaterin für internationales Steuerrecht“ (“Expert for International Tax Law”) awarded to our tax advisor Frau Ann Kristin Mettig. In connection with the diverse experiences of our partners and employees in International Tax Law, Kanzlei Mesch Knauf Höbel can cover a broad range of issues, which lead to increasing consulting requirements through globalization and internationalization, not only for large companies.

Therefore the consulting focus of Kanzlei Mesch Knauf Höbel
lies on the following practice areas and issues:

    • Consulting and expert opinion on cross-border transactions regarding income
      tax and VAT
    • Cross-border taxation of employees
    • Foreign Tax Law (national)
    • Short researches regarding the tax laws of foreign countries and the supply of
      contacts of foreign tax advisors
    • Double Taxation Laws
    • International Inheritance and Gift Tax Law
    • Tax Planning Strategies
    • Preparation of input VAT reimbursement applications in the European Union
      and third countries
    • International applications of the Transformation Tax Act
    • Principles of international realization of income
    • Taxation of Tax Foreigners in Germany (limited taxation)
    • Taxation of domestic taxpayers in foreign countries, especially the structuring
      of foreign investments
    • Transfer Pricing including documentation obligations
    • Procedural specifics of gross-border transactions