As tax consultants we are working for private persons, freelancers, sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, charitable organisations, associations and foundations.

It is our objective to minimize the income or trade tax as well as inheritance and gift tax exposure of our clients based on long-term considerations.

In detail we offer the following tax consulting services:

    • Preparation of income tax returns for businesses (corporation tax, trade tax
      and value added tax)
    • Preparation of income tax returns for private persons (income tax, inheritance
      and gift tax)
    • Review of tax assessment notices
    • Support of tax audits and special tax examinations (VAT, payroll taxes)
    • Correspondence with tax authorities
    • Preparation of tax burden comparisons
    • National and international personal tax planning and optimisation strategies
    • Consulting services regarding international tax laws for private persons and
      businesses (income tax, corporation tax and value added tax)
    • Consulting services regarding an adequate legal structure
    • Consulting services in restructurings
    • Consulting services for inheritance and succession planning
    • Consulting services regarding the determination and documentation of transfer
    • Consulting services regarding cross-border transactions
    • Taxation of charitable organisations, associations and foundations
    • Representation in out-of-court proceedings
    • Representation in tax court proceedings
    • Representation in tax offence proceedings